Spring Events in Okotoks, AB

Here in Canada, we look forward to spring the way we imagine the desert looks forward to rain. Winter can be a cold, harsh time of year in these parts, and while that’s great for activities like ice fishing and hockey, it’s less ideal for some of the amazing outdoor events and celebrations that come with the warmer temperatures.

Here in Okotoks, AB there are plenty of great spring events available for Okotoks Chevrolet fans, meaning all you have to do is hop into your GMC vehicle and head out to the best this city has to offer this time of year. Here are a few of our favorites:

Kite Day Festival (Sunday, April 23) – The Kite Guy will be on hand at Riverside Park to give free kite flying demonstrations, while kites also will be on sale for you and your family to take part in the festivities, as well!

Sheep River Valley Clean Up & Tree Planting (Saturday, May 6) – Do you want to make a difference for the environment? Help keep the area clean and even assist in the planting of some new trees in this great annual event.

Big Rock Singers (Saturday, May 6) – This year, the Big Rock Singers are doing a Broadway-style show with all your favorite Disney songs, complete with hundreds of costumes, bright lights and of course lovely music. It’s a great show for people of all ages!

All our GMC dealers want is for their customers to make great use out of the automobiles that they purchase, and spring events like this are a great way to make that happen. Head out and take advantage of the best that Okotoks, AB has to offer this season, whether you live in town or whether you’re making the trip down from Calgary, AB!

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