Tips for Driving GM Vehicles Safely

These days, when Okotoks, AB customers come into Okotoks Chevy Buick GMC looking for a new vehicle, they care more about safety features than they ever have. The truth is, safety features in vehicles like the Chevrolet Equinox or GMC Acadia are more advanced than they ever have been, which is great, but they don’t mean much if the people behind the wheel aren’t driving as safely as they should be.

With that in mind, here are a few driver safety tips to keep you and your passengers safe as you make the most out of your GM automobiles:

Keep your vehicle safe. Getting regular tune-ups at our Chevy service department ensures that you don’t experience any surprise blowups or blowouts when driving. Changing the oil, filters, tires, and belts when the need arises are great ways to make sure your vehicle isn’t the problem in a major accident.

Be a defensive driver. Keep your eye out for potential dangers and make sure you increase your following distance so you’ve got plenty of time to brake should you need to.

Be extra careful in crummy weather. We all have seen drivers disregard rain and snow and drive dangerously despite the conditions. Don’t be that person. Give extra space for following distance and perhaps even drive a little more slowly than you would otherwise.

As your local Okotoks, AB dealership, we want our customers to be safe and happy, so hopefully these tips can assist with that as the weather gets better and more cars end up out on the road. As always, enjoy your cars, but do so in a way that’s safe for everybody!

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