Top 5 Technology Features for Chevrolet Vehicles

When people refer to their cars or trucks as “toys,” what they mean is that people really enjoy driving and interacting with their automobiles. A big reason why this is true in the 21st Century is because of the new technologies that make the drive more entertaining and enjoyable. Of course, as your local Okotoks, AB Chevy dealership we want to sell automobiles that feature the latest and greatest tech and thankfully General Motors has always been especially good at staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.

All that said, the following are a few of our favorites that appear in the vehicles that we sell here at Okotoks Chevrolet Buick GMC:

On-Board 4G LTE – Just about everybody is tired of chewing through data offered by cell providers’ plans, so GM has solved that problem by turning their vehicles into WiFi hotspots. Vehicles like the new Chevy Silverado now offer 4G LTE service, and it’s only going to spread to more models and get more affordable in the years ahead.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay – Your vehicle can now interact more smoothly than ever with your iPhone or Android smartphone thanks to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Watson Cognitive Mobility Platform – OnStar and IBM have introduced Watson to certain GM vehicles, which will help drivers get more connectivity out of their automobiles. This mobility system could completely revolutionize the way people drive in the future.

Recyclable Materials – GM vehicles are produced as cleanly as possible, including using recycled materials for parts like engine covers and air filters.

Rear Seat Reminder – One new feature is a reminder for car owners to check their back seats before exiting their vehicles to make sure they don’t leave any precious cargo in an especially hot or cold automobile.

These are the types of features that keep Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC relevant in the minds of customers in Okotoks, AB, and we hope exciting new tech keeps it that way for years to come!

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